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Bring It Out Podcast

Want to close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be in the future? The Bring it Out podcast, hosted by Pastor Ben, features conversations with leaders from a variety of vocations designed to help you clarify your purpose and remove obstacles that tend to get in the way.

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Sacred Vocation Workshop Series

God has a special and unique job for each one of us to play - our sacred vocation. How do you know what your sacred vocation is? How can you live out your calling as a follower of Christ in the modern workplace? Experience this 4-part workshop series as we explore the most fundamental and critical facets of living a Christ-centered life through our sacred vocation.

Session 1: God's Work in Us with Ben Chelf

Session 2: Our Work for God with Trae & Michelle Stephens

Session 3: The Christian Worker with Atul Dighe

Session 4: Being an Ambassador with Eugenia Rao

Bonus sessions with special guests Ken Costa and Jeff Henderson

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Practicing The Way

Daily practices designed to help you form habits that will shape you into who God wants you to be.

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Resources to help you learn about racism & equip you to play your part in racial reconciliation.

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God uses music to speak to our hearts and souls. Listen to what we’re singing at Epic each week.

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