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Home Initiative

What is HOME?

HOME is Epic’s long-term resource initiative for a more permanent space in San Francisco.

We believe the next three years is the time to position ourselves in San Francisco in a greater way.

The HOME Initiative will run from November 2019 to December 2022.

The HOME Initiative aims to raise $5 Million towards finding a more permanent home for Epic Church.

HOME allows us to make a greater impact for generations to come.

Hundreds of people paved the way for us to be part of this church and now we get to make it possible for those who aren’t here yet.

The first $500K of giving towards HOME will fund our strategic partners through The Hope Project.

Jesus Changes Everything

200+ people have taken the next step of baptism at Epic.

Our philosophy is built around the idea that everyone has a next step to take in their journey with God.

HOME will give us a greater capacity to help even more people know Jesus and grow in their faith.

Chart showing baptims per year, cumulatively growing at an exponential rate

Together is Better

A Place For Everyone.

HOME is not ultimately about a building, but about building people.

As Epic continues to grow, a more permanent home will allow us to continue to deepen and widen the community we share together – within our church, at our workplaces and across the city.

Next Generation

Any significant vision must impact the next generation.

HOME aims to provide the necessary space for our kids and students to be rooted in their faith and thrive in this city.

HOME will enable even more families to thrive long term in San Francisco.

The Hope Project

From day one, we’ve been committed to making a difference beyond our own walls. We have given over $1.5 million to churches, ministries, and organizations in San Francisco, throughout North America, and around the world.

The first $500K of giving towards HOME will fund our strategic partners through The Hope Project.

More permanent home in SF makes a statement to our city that we are here to stay.


100% Participation

It’s going to take all of us playing our part. Our goal is not equal gifts but equal sacrifice.


  • Thank God for how He has used Epic Church and continues to use each of us to make a difference in SF and around the world.
  • Pray that God would provide a permanent space for Epic Church.
  • Pray about how God might want you to use your resources to participate in the HOME initiative.


  • Bring a one-time gift on commitment Sunday, November 17, 2019.
  • Bring your commitment for the next three years which is over and above your regular giving.
Timeline from 2019 to 2025: the Home initiative runs from 2019 to 2023. Location search and development plan runs from 2022 to 2023. The purchase, plan completion and build out runs from 2023 to 2035.