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Testimonial from a Pre-teen in Foster Care

Testimonial from a Pre-teen in Foster Care

Two of our Epic values are: "Impact is Local and Global" and "Families Thrive." One of the ways we carry out these values is through our partnership with Foster the Bay, an organization dedicated to finding a loving home for every child in foster care in the Bay Area. Through our church's generosity, Epic is making an impact on the lives of foster children and youth in San Francisco.

Here is one of their stories:

"When I used to tell people I was a foster kid they either said “oh I’m sorry” or “ are you adopted?”. After a while, I got tired of explaining the whole situation, so I stopped telling people. The people treated me differently after I told them that. Some started to bully me and see me as a freak or others just treated me like I was a baby.

I started to become depressed after that. I gave up all hope that I would stop being a foster kid and thought no one would ever want me. I became insecure about everything, my clothes, hair, body size, how I look, and even what I said.

I went to a group home, got into many fights, and cussed everyone out, because that was the way I survived. If I showed how I felt then they would use that against me. At the time, I only had one friend, who I thought was like a sister to me. I also had a roommate, who was a traitor and always wanted things at that moment. After a while, I moved to another cottage in the group house. I lived with boys so I had to look tough so I wouldn’t look like an easy target.

After a few months, I met a nice couple who took me in as their own daughter. We got along really well and I learned to be a nicer and kind person who now loves school and I know that I am loved. When I first went into foster care the word adoption always triggered me and made me think of all the mistakes I’ve made in the past. The word adoption doesn’t bother me or make me think of my past as much that I don’t break into tears anymore.

When people used to ask what I see my future self doing, I saw nothing. Now I see myself as a hard-working woman working as a therapist or a hairstylist. I am starting to not blame myself about going into foster care. I know I am loved by so many people now. They are so supportive that if it weren't for them entering my life, I’ll still be depressed so I want to give thanks to my forever family for making me feel welcomed into their family and cared for."

To learn more about how you can get involved with Foster the Bay, click here.

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