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Epic Families Monthly - October

Epic Families Monthly - October

Epic parents, this month the Epic Kids lessons are all focused on God’s character -- God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent -- and yet He hears and answers our individual prayers, manifesting love. He is God! This is mindblowing as we meditate on how God knows us and loves us through each step of our life.

It’s scary to open up to another human--we are usually concerned that they won’t like what they see and will walk away. Isn’t that one of our biggest fears about intimate relationships? So it’s amazing to hear stories of people who have committed to the most intimate of human relationships--marriage. We feel great hope when we witness loving marriages and watch from a front row seat a picture of how God loves his people. However, it’s devastating when we hear of broken marriages or friendships and the pain that rift causes. Isn’t it good that we can rely on God’s relationship with us? He will never leave us or forsake us, even when we’ve caused the pain through our sin.

From my experience with my own children, I’m convinced of my need for the Holy Spirit to guide my tongue and actions, especially when my kids have been mischievous. OK, so I’ve been told that moms tend to have “eyes on the back of their heads”...always getting a sense of when their child is in trouble (that’s the closest I can imagine to being omniscient). Parents, have you ever gotten that sneaking suspicion that your child, who was happily playing in the adjoining room one minute, is suddenly in the midst of quietly creating a huge mess, emptying out an entire container of baby powder and unrolling all the TP, coating the bathroom in white dust and garlands of soft, quilted paper? How does a parent respond to this caper? Thankfully, due to a sense of humor given by God in this situation, we can laugh, take a photo, and lovingly correct the child, showing them better ways to decorate the home. In our flesh however, it’s all too easy to get angry or frustrated with the interruptions children cause and use our parental authority to correct too harshly. We have to be careful to show our kids that we know and love them, even in our brokenness.

So what does Godly parenting look like as we experience the daily grind, navigating moments of intense emotion, or hum-drum boredom, laughter or tears? It's full of praise and worship of God through it all, knowing HE is there alongside us, hearing our prayers, answering our pleas for help and guidance, comforting us, and providing us with opportunities for growth in our faith as we walk with Jesus. We need to remind ourselves through Biblical stories of God’s character that we can have confidence that God knows us and loves us. Through thick and thin, God is always there for us--there is nobody like God!

Ultimately, we want our children to experience this confidence! When your children grasp God’s love and character and decide to believe in Jesus to atone for their sin, it’s a glorious, emotional, and praiseworthy moment! If your child has decided to follow Jesus, let us know so we can celebrate with you and provide resources to you and your child as he/she grows in faith and knowledge of God. We also have opportunities for baptism so please reach out and help us know how best to serve your family.

We hope this monthly blog is encouraging for your family. For more week-to-week information on Epic Kids @ Home family lessons, activities, and prayers, please visit the Kids page on our website and join our Epic Family Facebook Group. We post resources each week to support your family in Bible study. 

Thankful for you and your kids,


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