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March – April 2017

Unleashing Compassion

Message Archive

One thing that seems to be missing in our world today is compassion. And yet God intended it to be an active part of our lives. How do we receive God’s compassion and daily live in it? What is standing in the way of us showing more compassion to those closest to us? And how can we begin to be more compassionate to those who disagree with us? And what would it look like for our community to unleash God’s compassion throughout our city and throughout the world? Make plans to attend this teaching series as we imagine what it might look like to see compassion unleashed in our lives and in the world.

Unleashing Compassion – Part 1

Unleashing Compassion – Part 2
Standing in the way of Compassion

Unleashing Compassion – Part 3
Us and Them

Unleashing Compassion – Part 4
Compassion Makes Contact

Easter at Epic