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January – February 2017

This is the Year

Message Archive

Is there anything you’ve been wanting to change for years, but it just hasn’t happened yet? Are there things that you would love to add to your life? Or perhaps remove from your life? This teaching series will give us the steps to make our good intentions finally become a reality.
Join us as we start the year by reading through the Gospels together. You can text “Gospels” to 313131 to have the daily passage sent to your phone. You can view the full reading plan here.

This is the Year – Part 1
Sowing and Reaping

This is the Year – Part 2
A Sustaining Vision

This is the Year – Part 3
Who do I Belong To?

This is the Year – Part 4
This Can’t Wait

This is the Year – Part 5
Enough Faith to Stop