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April 2018

Platform – Every Stage is Significant

Message Archive

What work has God created you to do on this earth? We tend to think that people in certain positions or people with massive followings are those who have a significant platform in life. But what if every God-given calling is incredibly significant, regardless of the size of the stage or the position you hold? This series is going to shape how we see our vocation from God’s perspective. Here are some of the things we’ll discuss throughout the Platform series: calling and vocation, work, how all of life becomes sacred, stewarding our gifts, work as identity, work as idol, humility and pride, success and failure, motivation and ambition.

Platform – Part 1
Your Platform Is Sacred

Platform, Part 1 – Message Notes

Platform – Part 2
What has God put in You?

Platform – Part 3
What Your Platform Cannot Do

Platform – Part 4
The Purpose of Your Platform