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COVID-19 Update

Join us on Sundays online at 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, and 12:00 PM.

During this season, our Sunday gatherings and Epic groups are meeting online. Even while we are socially distant, our community is closer than ever. We would love for you to join us.

While this season has brought some limitations, there are choices we still get to make. In the video below, Pastor Ben shares five commitments we can all make that will help us grow in our faith and prepare for what what we believe will be an abundant future.

Abbreviated Transcript

Epic Family, 

When this season started, we had no idea it would last this long. But days turned into weeks, which have turned into months. We were praying for our kids to be able to return to school this fall and for our church to be able to gather once again. Unfortunately, so far, we haven’t seen this kind of progress. And more than that, in many ways, we are worse off than when this summer began.

You’re tired of this - me too! But the one thing we can’t afford to lose is our hope and our faith. I want to encourage all of us to do what it takes to keep both alive. One of the things we can do and that our city allows is for us to get together in-person with a group of others. According to San Francisco guidelines, you can gather outdoors with 12 total people if there’s no food, and six people if there is food involved. No pressure if you are vulnerable or just not comfortable with this. But if you are able to, I know we all need to be with other people.

There are so many things that have been taken from us that it seems like we get no choices in the matter. But I want to tell you that we do have some choices, and I want to encourage you to make five specific choices or commitments between today and the end of December. 

I believe making these commitments will be best for you, your friends and family, our Epic community, and our city. Each of these commitments begin with the word “MY” because I want to urge you to take ownership of these commitments. The word “my” means that something belongs to me. Here are the five commitments I want you to make every single week this fall:

My Life with Jesus. Keep investing in your relationship with Jesus. Spend time in Scripture and prayer daily. For ideas about these and other practices, refer back to our Practicing the Way series

My Home. Care for the people in your home. This might be your roommates, your spouse, or your children. If you live alone, make sure you are getting time to care for a few close friends and that they’re doing the same for you.

My Small Group. I actually believe this is the most important weekly commitment you can make for your spiritual, mental, emotional, and relational health. We have 50 groups for you to choose from this fall. Make sure you sign up and show up each week. Just tell yourself you’re in and put it on your calendar. 

My Church. At Epic, everyone plays a part. Make a commitment to play your part in our larger Epic community. Pray daily for our church. You can also join us at 8:00 AM on Wednesdays for a corporate prayer time. Be part of the team that is making around 1,000 care calls and texts to everyone in our community once a month. Join a serving team. Give to the mission of Epic Church. Raise your hand when you have a spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional need. We are here to care for you.

My Neighbors. In a challenging season, it is easy to become self-absorbed. Let’s reject that idea and care for our neighbors. You can do this by getting to know your actual neighbors and see what needs they have. You can also serve our San Francisco neighbors by serving with our local partners like Bessie Carmichael Food Pantry, Adopt a Building, Mobilize Love.

I wish I could predict the future. While I can’t do that, I’m confident that those of us who make these five commitments weekly this fall will have a more abundant future than those who don’t. I love you. I am in this with you. We are going to make it through this.

Not shutting down, stepping up.

We’re all in this together. Each of us can play our part and make a difference in this season. If you have a need, we are ready to help.

Tools for orienting life around Jesus.

Everyone has a next step to take on their faith journey. These resources will help and encourage you along the way.

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