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Bring It Out

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Everyone has an idea of the type of the person they want to become, the kinds of things they want to do, and what they want to be known for. But many people never become who they long to be, never do what they aimed to do, and end up not being known for the sort of thing they wanted to be known for. What if this doesn’t have to be a mystery? In this Bring it Out series, we’re going to discover a path we can take to produce the life we long for.

Bring It Out – Part 1
It’s Not A Mystery  


Bring It Out – Part 2


Bring It Out – Part 3
Striving Isn’t Enough  


Bring It Out – Part 4
Constants and a Variable  


Bring It Out – Part 5
It Will Come Out  


Bring It Out – Part 6
The Fight